Full – Front and Rear Suspensions

The ONLY fat ebike design on the market with both front and rear suspensions. Like the premium fat-bikes, ours come with front and rear suspensions, which enables the tires to hug the road surface, providing better traction, as well as significantly improving ride quality.

An ebike goes up to 25mph easily (speed limited by state law), as fast as a scooter. The speed is exhilarating but also turns every bump, pothole and imperfections on the road into bone jarring experience, even for a fat-bike. At this speed a full suspension bike is the only way to go.

Unibody Rear Rack

Our own patented design, one of the features that turn Moar bikes into a pragmatic daily commuter and errand runner. A unique sturdy rack that is part of the bike frame, independent from the rear suspension and is welded to the frame as part of the design language of the bike, creating a strong statement and extending the exciting lines of the frame.

Also conveniently allowing you to carry saddle bags for computers, briefcase, groceries and other things. Handily the rear rack also houses our removable lithium battery invisibly.

Horn, Turn Signals and Brake Light

While riding is a lot of fun, safety is also high on our list. We have integrated into every one our ebike a horn loud enough for people and traffic to hear you when you are zipping around at 20mph silently, or getting cut off by other traffic, built-in LED turn signals lights when you don’t want to hold your arms out for 30 seconds to signal a turn; and LED brake light so the riders and drivers following you know you are braking when you tap on the powerful disc brakes. All these standard safety features work off your powerful 48v battery, no more extra battery to charge or forget.

Should you choose to add on our optional Dual LED Projection Headlights, the wirings are all in place already, so no extra wiring hanging out.

Fat Footprint

26”x4” fat tires on 80mm or 100mm wide aluminum rims to go with the full-suspension, for sure footed control, comfort and safety. Doesn’t hurt that you can now bike over all kinds of terrains, snow, sandy beaches and even city streets.

Powerful Electric Drivetrain

A 48V Samsung lithium battery, similar to what is used in Tesla electric cars, one of the safest in the industry, driving a reliable and powerful 8fun motor, 500w or more. More torque and power than a lot of ebikes on the market. Which can take you up to the speed limited 20mph with silent ease.

5-Level PAS (Peddle Assisted System)

All Moar bikes are equipped w LCD readouts and 5 levels of PAS. Allowing you to tailor trim your riding style and work out level as well as manage your range. Up to 40km in a single charge on electricity alone, and 80km or more with PAS. Of course we have throttle control as well.

Stopping Power

What goes fast needs to stop fast. Whether you are opting for the hydraulic assisted or manual powered disc brakes. We use 180mm disc brakes front and back instead of the industry standard of 160mm. More stopping power to ensure you can stop on a dime at no time when you need to.

In-frame waterproof wiring

One thing you’ll notice looking at the picture of our bike is, where are the wirings? An ebike has lots of wirings and you don’t want to have them all hanging out there. Not just a puny usb outlet for your phone, our bike are all designed with hidden in-frame water-proof wiring pre-rigged for powerful 48v led headlights. Remember the 25mph again?

So in the event that you do ride at night or in inclement weather, or wish to add our dragon-eyes headlights later all you have to do is plug into the pre-wired 48v outlet.


Last but not least, all our frame are built with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, same as some expansive premium cars. This guarantees that your Moar ebike will not rust. Big factor if you live by the coast, somewhere with a humid climate or anywhere where they salt the roads.

Fold It

The X-Fold is our first model and as the name implies, it folds into half. So all the weekend warriors can carry their bikes inside their SUVs or mini vans and enjoy them anywhere they like.

But there’s an additional twist to this folding mechanism. Every folding bike on the market fold to the left and ours are the only one that folds to the right.
There is a very important reason for that. When our bike folds up, the front wheel folds over the rear derailleur and form a protective shell against things smashing into the derailleur.

As we mentioned, we design these bikes for ourselves.

Other Features

Our bikes are set to go up to 20 mph, on flat ground.  With a rider weighing around 160lb. The legal limit in the US.

The 10ah battery runs about 50 km or 30 miles on battery power only. And the 14ah one should run about 70km, or 45 miles, on flat ground in the city on a single charge.  You can easily double the distance covered by using PAS.

Rapt II Cradle Frame